Freelance Rates and Services

Here you will find my freelance rates and the services I provide. Please be aware that if you come to me in a panic over a deadline that forces me to work faster, you may not get my best work. I also reserve the right the charge panic fees. 🙂
Please also note that I never charge by the hour. This is near impossible to gauge and I know we both would rather not deal with that nasty monster.


-Articles/blogs: 10¢ per word. There will be a 5-10% up charge for keyword stuffing

-Short Stories: Basic editing: 10¢ per word.
Plot/Creative advice and editing: 12¢ per word.

-Fiction Books: E-books: $10 per page
Manuscript with intent to publish: $12

-Academic Essays: (EDITING/TUTORING ONLY) $5 pre page. Flat rate. If you send it to
me for a second round, the same rate applies.

-Resumes: Editing and polishing: $25

-CVs: (Editing only) $10 per page

Writing: Please note that the amount of research needed for each project will add to the price of articles, books, blogs, and essays anywhere from 10% to 25%.

-Essays: $15 per page

-Blogs: 20¢ per word

-Articles (online): 35¢ per word

-Wikis: 30¢ per word

-Books: $25 per page (with my own editing)
Upon your review, editing charges will apply for another draft at a
discounted rate.

-Resumes: $40 (Note that resumes are only 1 page in length)

*With electronic writing and editing, I can also post to your site, blog, or the wiki for you. This adds in a 5¢ charge per word.

Questions? Please contact me via this site.


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