Outer Spaces!

Here you will find my external pages and less formal blogs that I’ve held for years. Personal and not edited. Enjoy and comment to your hearts content.

–3rd place winner, short story “Autom’s Grandfather”

–“These Darker Streets”

A romance novel that is more sword and sorcery than romance. But it’s pretty romantic too, to be honest.

–My Hubpages

THe Project I started to created a digital, interactive version of “Dracula” 100% from only Mina’s perspective


–Super old one:

This is my oldest where you will find nearly every thought that has popped into my head dating very far back before I was anything of a writer. Read at your own (and probably my!) risk. 🙂

–What started as good intentions:

Something with a little more conscious thought put ingot it. Still based on my personal taste and thoughts though. Dealing with popular culture, literature, games, and life metaphors. And lots morality to be preached. 🙂



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