Master’s Thesis: The NeverEnding Story

Please feel free to read, criticize. steal, barrow with academic intent, or whatever. To be honest, I wrote this the best way I could. I am a creative writer, not an academic. But this thesis HAD to be academic. (Have you met a rhet/comp professor??) I wanted it to as well. I wanted to have Ende reach farther than he has already. He deserves to be read by everyone and I 100% believe everything I wrote in here–and far more.

One day, I hope to have this published alone side my novel that I wrote in reply to Ende’s “The Neverending Story”. It’s the story about a LARPer girl who finds a portal world that she too must save by her own imagination. I wrote in honor of Ende and his call to save the human spirit. That will not be posted online, sorry. It’s meant to be my big break (painful crying and laughing).
So please, enjoy my academic wanderlust of Fantasica.


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